Indus Extracts Inc is a Knowledge Based Enterprise in the domain of Standardized Botanical Extracts, Phytochemicals, Spice Extracts (Oleoresins & Oils), Plant Enzymes, Natural Plant Fermentative Nutrients Ingredients. Indus Extracts cater to Nutrition & Dietary Supplements, Sports Supplements, Medical Foods, Pharmaceuticals, and Personal Care Industry Segments.

Indus Extracts manufacture ‘Accurate & Scientific Extracts’ which have all bioactive phyto-constituents of medicinal plants necessary for therapeutic activity. Our Plant Extracts are standardized on multiple active soluble marker compounds. Such Phyto-Composites are extracted with solvents like sterile Spring Water, Supercritical Fluids or other Polar Organic Solvents in precise permutations & combinations. Indus Extracts Manufacturing Units as well as Quality Assurance and R&D Labs are cGMP, cGLP, Kosher and ISO certified.

The efficacy of Finished Formulated Product depends on mutual synergistic mechanism among all ingredients. That’s why end purpose utility of product is not just summation of ingredients, rather it has to be ‘Built-In’ from the very initial step. We also emphasis on making End Formulation  bioavailable, bio-adaptable, and effective.

The supreme quality of plant extracts is possible only with pure Raw Material. Our Manufacturing Team ensures that Raw Material is procured at only specific seasons when nature’s scientific essence in plants is at zenith. Indus Extracts Raw Material is pesticides free, non-spurious, and unadulterated. It is sterilized and stored through our proprietary Green Processing Technology.

Indus Extracts operated on ‘iSCM (integrated Supply Chain Management’ program. This constitutes Quality and Transparency Governance starting from authentic Raw Material Agriculture, Scientific Processing, error-free Quality Assurance, and Regulatory Complied Supply Chain. With iSCM approach, we can ensure reliable, sustainable and value added products and services.

We perceive and adopt your Product Requisites precisely and we partner with you to offer customized solutions.